Hacks to bring the heat 🔥




Photographer Ben Broomfield

Do you like a little extra kick in your home barbecue? We’ve got your back. Our friends and sponsors at TABASCO® Brand – the undisputed experts when it comes to adding heat to your fire – have curated a series of “hacks to bring the heat” with a special line-up of fire-cooking, heat-loving chefs.

Whether you’re looking for tips around handling the flames under your grill or a new technique for adding spice, this series is bound to fan your fire for cooking over wood and charcoal. The hacks will be added to a new Highlight on our Instagram Stories using #TABASCOHeatHacks, and we’ll be updating this article with each and every chef hack as they come in. So stay tuned, bookmark this page, turn on your @MeatopiaUK Instagram notifications, and get ready to spice up your fire-cooking skills.

More soon… in the meantime, keep cooking 🔥

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Elizabeth Haigh

Elizabeth Haigh has more than a few awards under her belt, and a few years cooking at Meatopia too. Her current project Mei Mei in London’s Borough Market shows off her love of wood-fire cooking, with food that brings together her Singaporean-British heritage and fine dining background.

HACK: Charred sweetcorn with TABASCO butter sauce

Bring a kick to your corn by adding as much TABASCO as you like to 50ml of melted, salted butter and whipping up. Pour over charred sweetcorn, top with grated cheese and enjoy!

HACK: How to cook a perfect medium-rare steak

Even the most skilled chefs have to spend a long time finding that perfect medium-rare point with a steak. Here’s two ways to nail it, courtesy of Elizabeth. 

METHOD ONE: Make a loop between your finger and thumb and prod the inner part of your palm at the base of your thumb. Depending on which finger you press to your thumb, you will get different levels of firmness, which you can use to compare to the firmness of your steak on the grill. 

              Your forefinger and your thumb = rare

              Your middle finger and your thumb = medium-rare

              Your ring finger and your thumb = medium

              Your pinky finger and your thumb = medium-well

METHOD TWO: Use a thermapen. Invest in a good meat thermometer and it will never fail you. Aim for 45°C for medium-rare or 55°C for medium, but account for at least 10 minutes resting (depending on steak size – mine are 250g) during which time your internal temperature will rise by a few more degrees.