After the pandemic forced us to take a year off, we’re back with a bang for 2021, being cautiously-optimistic in our planning for the festival. With rollover tickets from 2020 and the ‘C’ word to consider, we’ve had a lot of questions about tickets for Meatopia 2021 from those who, like us, are looking forward to the comeback feast of the decade. This is a running list of frequently-asked-questions and their answers, which we’ll keep updated as we approach September.


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Have Saturday tickets sold out?

You may have spotted an update on our social media sharing the news that Saturday tickets have sold out. If you thought that seemed a bit early, you’d be right: due to a combination of loyal Meatopians holding on to their 2020 tickets (thank you) and our careful approach to making sure this year’s festival is totally Covid-safe, we’ve capped tickets at a slightly lower number than usual. If all goes well over the next few months in terms of a smooth vaccine rollout and various other summer events taking place without a hitch, we’re hoping to be able to release another small batch or two of Saturday spots. That depends on a lot of things falling into place, so if you haven’t already got a ticket and want to guarantee yourself a 100% chance of securing one, we recommend you click here to book yourself in for Friday or Sunday to avoid disappointment: we still have spaces left for these two days, and they’re both set to be cracking.


Will my 2020 ticket roll over?

In short: yes.
If you booked a ticket for Meatopia 2020 and haven’t already been in touch with See Tickets to request a refund, your ticket will automatically rollover, like-for-like, to Meatopia 2021. You don’t need to do anything: See Tickets has sent out emails to issue your new tickets, so take a look through your inbox. If you can’t find anything, we recommend checking your spam/junk folders and dropping See Tickets a line on their Customer Service contact form to follow up.

How can I make changes to my 2020 ticket?

Whether you’ve had a little one since last year and want to add them onto your Sunday ticket, need to update your personal details, or have a query of any kind about your 2020 tickets rolling over to 2021, you’ll need to get in touch with See Tickets. They handle all of our ticket issuing on our behalf.


How will Meatopia 2021 be affected by the pandemic?

Just like the rest of the world, we’re being cautiously optimistic in our planning for Meatopia 2021. It’s not yet totally clear what that will mean in terms of guidelines in place at the festival, but we’ve got specialists on board to help us ensure we’re taking all the necessary precautions to keep everyone at the event safe and healthy. We’ll be in touch with more details as we have it, but rest assured you’re in good hands.


When will you announce the line-up?

All in good time, friend. All in good time. In the meantime, you can get your fire-cooking fix on our Instagram page, where we’re sharing Meatopia memories galore, Cutting Room sessions from the 2019 festival, and recipes from our summer #MeatopiaAtHome series.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to drop an email to [email protected].