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This knockout recipe was shared with us by Amninder all the way from India for our Meatopia At Home series on Instagram, in partnership with Buffalo Trace.
If you don’t happen to have an authentic tandoor oven knocking around in your backyard, Amninder recommends recreating this recipe in the embers of a barbecue pit to emulate the smoky surroundings in which the mutton cooks.

Here’s the full recipe, but head to our Instagram page for the videos, saved in our Story Highlights for #MeatopiaAtHome: Friday. Cooking along at home? Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram — @meatopiauk.

Amninder Sandhu’s tandoor-smoked mutton chops

6 mutton chops
20g ginger and garlic paste
5g Royal cumin
5g red chilli powder
5g dried fenugreek powder
2g clove powder
200ml yoghurt
3g black cardamom powder
3g black pepper
3g garam masala
2g mace
Butter for basting
Salt, to taste

Salt your mutton chops, then create a marinade by mixing the yoghurt with all the spices in the ingredients list above.
Get your coals to a nice, moderate heat (or pre-heat an oven to 180C) and skewer the chops.
Cook them in the tandoor for 7-11 minutes, depending on how big they are and how hot your cooking fire is. You’re aiming for an internal temperature of around 70C. 5 minutes into the cooking time, baste the chops generously with butter.
Serve with the white radish and walnut chutney below.


1 radish
10 walnuts
2 tbsp coriander leaves
1 tbsp dill
Pinch of cumin powder
400ml yoghurt
½ tsp chopped ginger
Salt, to taste
Salt- To Taste

Grate the radish and set aside. Toast and chop the walnuts, then finely chop the dill and coriander.
Beat the yoghurt to get a smooth consistency, then add everything together and beat well. Serve alongside the mutton chops.