Meatopia London 2021 is proudly supported by:


WHITLEY NEILL HANDCRAFTED GIN – One of the first to experiment with creative and exotic botanicals, Whitley Neill is now the UK’s No. 1 Premium Gin.


CRABBIE’S YARDHEAD SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY – Established in 1808, crafted using exceptional and rare whisky’s, Crabbie Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been reborn and is now distilled in Edinburgh.


SAMUEL GELSTON IRISH WHISKEY – Established in 1830, a 5th generation distillation revival returns a once loved Irish whiskey to the people.


JAMES CREE’S CATTLE RANCH TENNESSEE WHISKEY – Made in the traditional Tennessee style, maple charcoal filtration produces a beautifully subtle, smooth whiskey, perfect with flavourful BBQ eats.


DEAD MAN’S FINGERS RUM – The creativity and curiosity began in Cornwall. Their adventurous spirit led to a rum revolution. Putting the ‘un’ into the usual.


J.J WHITLEY ARTISANAL RUSSIAN VODKA – Crafted over 8 generations, using only premium Russian winter wheat and soft artesian water, it’s uniquely rested for a soft, smooth taste.


REDHEADS – Find the perfect match for your delicious dish! Enjoy top-notch, flavoursome Australian wines from RedHeads


IRISH BEEF – Green lush fields, plentiful rain and rich soils combined with traditional family farming practices make Ireland the perfect place for producing great tasting grass fed Irish beef. 


XAPRON – Every Xapron leather apron is handmade. Using only the very best supple leather the aprons are comfortable and light to wear


OX GRILLS –  Hand built grills, made in Great Britain. We design and build exceptional quality wood and charcoal barbecue grills, used by some of the best chefs around the world.


CHARLIE OVEN – Charlie elevates the flavour of everything you cook, with the alchemy of fire and smoke.  Charlie outdoor oven.  The chef maker.

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