This piece is part of the #MeatopiaAtHome festival weekend and has been created in partnership with Buffalo Trace, Corazon Tequila and Wheatley Vodka.

Picture this: it’s golden hour at Meatopia and you’re stood out on the Dock. The embers are glowing and smoke drifts lazily over the top of the crowd’s heads. The sun has started to sink in the sky and in a few minutes you’ll make your way across the site to watch a brass band get the party started. We make that cocktail o’clock.

For Meatopia At Home, the folks at Gorilla, the usual bar team who serve up your drinks at the festival each year, have pulled together a few of their favourite tipples from the show, made with spirits from the Buffalo Trace family. Cheers… and remember, as always, to #DrinkResponsibly.

A firm favourite at the festival, year after year. Ours is made with Corazon Tequila.

You will need…
50ML Corazon Tequila
25ML Triple Sec
5ML sugar syrup
25ML lime juice (about half a big one, squeezed)
Hot seasoning

To make it…
Start by running a wedge of lime around the rim of your glass to moisten it.
In a saucer, mix together your salt and hot seasoning.
Dip the rim of the glass into this to coat it.
Next, shake the rest of the ingredients over ice in a shaker.
Pour over a glass of ice and serve.

A retro classic with the perfect amount of zing to cut through those unctuous barbecue flavours. Ours is made with Wheatley Vodka.

You will need…
50ML Wheatley Vodka
3 quarters of fresh lime
Ginger beer

To make it…
Start by filling a tall glass with ice.
Then build the drink, starting with the vodka, squeezing in the lime wedges, and topping up with ginger beer.
You can garnish with another lime wedge or some mint if you’re feeling fancy.

The grand finale, and the ultimate sundowner in our opinion. The secret ingredient is patience: a good old fashioned takes a good few minutes to make correctly.

You will need…
Buffalo Trace bourbon
1 cube of brown sugar
Orange zest

To make it…
Take a heavy-based old fashioned glass.
Place your sugar cube onto a spoon and douse with 3 dashes of bitters.
Add to the glass along with a twist of orange zest, and muddle together to form a paste.
Add one dash of Buffalo Trace and one cube of ice, and stir well.
Then, add another cube of ice and another dash of bourbon… and so on.
Practice your small talk while you build it, and once your glass is about three-quarters full, you’re ready to serve.

Always remember to drink responsibly. For the facts, visit