After having to postpone Meatopia 2020 to 2021 due to the pandemic, team Meatopia were feeling pretty gloomy. Once the idea to run a series of Meatopia At Home cookalongs on Instagram came to us, we started to feel a bit better. When we tasted the recipes the chefs were showing us, we felt better still. And when we decided to turn these cookalongs into a full-blown weekend of Instagram Lives, content and virtual demos, we were pretty excited. Nothing beats being on the Dock for the real deal, but we had a blast doing the next best thing.

Meatopia At Home wouldn’t have been what it was without the help of many people: not least the chefs and other folks who gave up their time and talent to entertain and educate us over Instagram. In order of appearance, they are: Tom Findlay, Steve at Nancarrow Farm, Amninder Sandhu, Tom Richardson-Hill, Hasan Semay, New York Brass Band, Dan Baxter, Mark Parr, Tom Brown and Richard Turner. You can relive their live appearances on our Instagram page.

For the chef cookalong series, we’d like to thank Hasan Semay, Anna Haugh, Chris Roberts, Roberta Hall, Jon Parry, Brad Carter, James Whetlor, Karan Gokani, Andy Stubbs, Nick Fitzgerald, David Thomas and John Chantarasak. All of their recipes can be found on our Instagram Story Highlights, and on The Meatopian.

There were also the brands that made the whole thing possible by partnering with us: Buffalo Trace, who brought us the Meatopia At Home festival weekend, as well as Frontier for the first batch of cookalongs (including special appearances from Irish Beef and Primo Grills), and TABASCO® UK for a series of chef Heat Hacks. You can find all of this brilliant content on our Instagram page here, and much of it is also on The Meatopian here.

Thank you to Turner and George for supplying our chefs with the produce they needed to make beautiful things, and to Bethnal Green Fish for sourcing us some glorious lobster. Thank you to the London Log Co for fuelling the fires, and to Corazon Tequila and Wheatley Vodka for mixing things up.

Finally, and most importantly, we’d like to thank all of you at home — anyone who tuned in, participated, cooked-along, cracked open a beer or poured themselves a cocktail to toast the weekend that never made it to Tobacco Dock. Thank you as well to everyone who’s rolled their ticket over in dedication to the feast and festival that is Meatopia. We can’t wait to make up for lost time come Meatopia 2021.