In the third instalment of our four-part film about the making of Meatopia 2019, we speak to chef Jon Parry of the Mash Inn about his approach to working with veg β€” an ingredient every bit as important as the protein on every plate at Meatopia.

While you were still dreaming about your favourite dish from last year’s festival (Tom Brown’s oyster? Bryan Furman’s smoky jerk duck? Amninder’s tandoor kebab?), we were working on a four-part mini-movie to lift the lid on the smoking pot that is Meatopia and give all of you a peek inside.

From skill to ethos, there’s a hell of a lot that goes into creating the festival and every dish that the chefs bring to its collective table. We wanted to document that story, from the fires that roar under the grills, to the sourcing of our veg and meat, the craft of cooking them both, and the magical moment that it all comes together in one big party at the Dock.

Keep your eyes peeled for some special guests rearing their heads in there… you might even see yourself tucking into a chop or getting down to some funky brass band beats after a few craft beers.

Below you can watch part three of Meatopia: The Movie, VEG. Every bit as special as the protein on the plate, and equally important to source carefully. Here, Jon Parry, head chef of Buckinghamshire restaurant and kitchen gardens The Mash Inn (new to Meatopia in 2019) gives a chef’s point of view on the difference that’s made when you give veg the care and attention it deserves.


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